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You simply need to register here. This can even be done through your Facebook account. Hence it is easy and simple this way. You need to enter your name, gender, age and e-mail id. Next, you would be asked to fill a detailed application form. Here you can upload your profile photo; Instagram images as well as say a few things about yourself. You would be asked to fill in your city as this site helps you to find local singles around you.


This is something that is unique and really interesting. You can click on Encounters that is present on the left of your screen. Here you would be able to access those profiles that have been rated as hot. This happens when people view a profile and then rank it as hot or not. Hence you would be able to see those profiles based on their ranking. Obviously, ones with the highest rankings will be displayed first You would be able to see which profiles have had the highest encounters. Then you would be able to see how many of these have ranked that profile as hot or not. This can also act like a filter for you. You can decide which ones you would be more interested in. in fact, you too can give your own score based on the profile photo and other information. In fact, you can see one profile after another and give your own score as per your liking. This way you can also decide which profiles interest you the most. Do note that you will see the profiles of both men and women here. Next is the People icon. Here you can have a grid image of all those who are registered with the site. You can have a view and decide which profiles you would like to visit in detail. You would be able to see the name, age as well as the location here besides the profile image. There is a fixed number of images per page. You can visit as many pages as you want! As you can see, this is a free dating site with a lot of difference along with ease of use. Hence people are attracted towards it and wish to make use of it in order to find singles around them!


There is a free inbox for you. This means that you can receive as well as send private messages on this online dating site. As soon as you receive any message, it will be displayed on the top right side corner of your home screen. You can click there to see and read any messages that you may have received. Or else you may click on the messages icon on the left side of your screen. Each profile photo of other users allows you to send them private messages. You can also send them your private photos and emojis in addition to private messages. Hence this is a unique way to know people better and to share your details with them. You would always be keen to know who all have visited your profile. Hence there is a "profile visitors" icon too. No know who all visited your profile. This will give you an idea about who all are interested in you!


This free datng site has a unique gifting system. There are a number of gifts available. Each of these is for 50 credits. Choose the one that is able to convey your true feelings. This is a lot easier than doing plain texting as you can convey your message in a much better way. There is heart, roses, teddy and much more. You can send gifts as well as receive them. This option will be available to you for each profile. In fact, you would also be able to see which person has received how many gifts till date. This will give you a fair idea of the popularity of that person on the site. Your own gifts will be displayed on the top right hand side of the home page. You would be able to see who has sent which gift to you! This site makes use of GPS Geolocation in order to find people who are closest to you as per your own location. After all, this online dating site is all about locating singles that are closest to you as per location. Hence GPS has to be made use of in order to locate people nearby. There are a number of messages, gifts and emojis coming your way once you have signed up and created a profile on The information about all these will be conveyed to you via notifications that can even be sent to your e-mail id directly. This way you would not be losing out on any information that may be coming to your profile. After all, you may not be visiting the site all the time and hence may miss out on anyone who may be trying to approach you. The site would not like that to happen. This is why they would be looking at ways to keep you updated all the time. This is a wonderful way to keep you busy as well as meeting like-minded people. The site is meant to bring people together. In fact, you can meet all types of people. In this way you can even meet some with whom you would like to get into a long term relationship or even marriage. Since the focus is on local people getting together, hence this is just a small step towards bringing people together and having fun!

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